Cazares Food Las 3 Chicas is a family-owned and operated Food Truck, best known for serving the most delicious street food and comida Mexicana in Santee Alley – the heart of the Fashion District in Downtown LA.

At Cazares Food, we come from generations of Mexican Barbacoeros, a culinary heritage passed from family to family since ancient times. We wanted to keep our tradition alive, and what better way to do so than to share our food with the world?

Come by our Food Truck in Los Callejones, LA, and try the most exquisite platillos, ranging from Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs to Quesadillas, Huaraches, Pollo a la Plancha – Grilled Chicken – and, our great variety of Tacos, like El Jumbo Taco, or our special La Orden de 3 Mini Tacos, with meat, avocado, red or green salsa, and traditional Mexican ingredients.

And of course, you can’t leave without tasting our family house specialty: Barbacoa de Borrego Estilo Hidalgo, aka. Hidalgo Style Lamb Barbecue, a Mexican delicacy from the state of Hidalgo.

When you eat at Cazares Food Las 3 Chicas (named after our three lovely daughters), you’ll feel like you’re at home. Everything we prepare is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients and has that extra loving touch of home-cooked food that feels like a hug.

If you’re ever in town for the weekend, you’re in for a treat. As traditional Mexican cuisine dictates, on Saturdays and Sundays we prepare our typical Barbacoa Hidalgo-Style wrapped with Pencas de Maguey (an essential ingredient for flavor!), just like our familias did in México.

We are the second and third generation of barbacoeros descendants of Mr. Lindoro Cazares and Mrs. Bernarda Batres, founders of barbacoa 60 years ago in the village Santa Rita, situated in Hidalgo, Mexico. Our very own family recipe of the barbacoa is our most precious inheritance, which we strive to pass on to generations to come. Come and try our incredible Hidalgo-Style Barbacoa with Tortillas Morenas calientitas garnished with our special salsa, and turn your weekend into an authentic fiesta!

Our passion for Mexican food transmits to everything we make. Taste our homemade El Platillo de Cecina – a cured beef meat plate with tortillas, fresh cheese, salsa verde, and delicious vegetables -, eat the best Grilled Chicken in Los Angeles, enjoy an authentic Ensalada de Pollo, or finish a perfect day with one of Cazares Food’s tortas Mexicanas!
Always fresh, always tasty; we aim for our food to transmit the exquisite flavors of Hidalgo, and that each bite becomes a motive to return and repeat the delicious experience of eating at our food truck once again.